Patrick JohansenLaw Firm Pricing Pioneer

An award-winning writer and speaker, Patrick has spent a more than a decade in law firm management, leading business development and marketing departments, as well as an AmLaw 100 practice management team and an AmLaw 25 Pricing/LPM team.

Patrick is the legal industry’s first Certified Pricing Professional.

As a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP), Patrick is one of 400 pricing experts worldwide to be certified in the essentials of pricing strategy and technique. As a Certified Legal Manager (CLM), Patrick is one of 400 law firm administrators worldwide to be certified in the fundamentals of law firm management. He is the only professional to hold both certifications.

Patrick started his law firm career in 2000, as legal marketing was beginning to accept branding as a legitimate marketing strategy. Within a few years, law firm marketing began a slow evolution towards business development. Patrick was instrumental in helping law firms embrace the bizdev paradigm, creating attorney training programs, introducing competitive intelligence and launching an advanced business development training program. To date, he has trained more than 700 attorneys and conducted more than 100 attorney-coaching sessions in four Midwest law firms. In 2015, Patrick transitioned into the business side of law firm management, and, in 2016, he was selected to lead the legal industry’s largest pricing and project management team.

Patrick is a member of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), authoring several articles for its award-winning Legal Management magazine, and the Professional Pricing Society (PPS). He is a past member of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) and served as its 2002 National Education Committee Chair. He previously served as a member of the ALA Chicago Board of Directors and the LMA Midwest Board of Directors.  Patrick served on the LegalBizDev Advisory Board for Legal Project Management, Pricing and Alternative Fee Arrangements. He has been active in the Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO) and the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)—which honored him with its 2013 Outstanding Member-Contributed Magazine Article.

In 2014, Law360 named Patrick to its inaugural Legal Industry Editorial Advisory Board. In 2015, the College of Law Practice Management elected Patrick a Fellow of the College, a group of 250 distinguished professionals who have made extraordinary contributions to the legal industry.

Patrick earned his B.A. from DePauw University and his M.A. from Purdue University.



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